What If We Just Said Pray?

The case for joyfully Preparing the Way for the Roman Missal



A MESSAGE FROM LOUIE VERRECCHIO: You signed your name. Now what?

I know... Just because you signed your name that doesn’t mean you don’t have serious questions, or maybe even some serious reservations, about the new English translation of the Roman Missal. So now what?

“What if we just said pray?” is truly a labor of love for me, but it will only be the blessing it is meant to be if we help one another going forward. One of my most heartfelt prayers is that the Lord will use this effort to grant me an opportunity to deliver faithful liturgical instruction to people, like you, who truly desire it. With this in mind, please enjoy the following video:

Introductory Rite: “And with your spirit” (6 min.)
This video above is taken from Preparing the Way for the Roman Missal – a resource that I developed to do just as the title suggests. The approach is pretty simple; take treasure drawn from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, the Church Fathers, Papal Magisterium, the documents of Vatican II and weave it all together with a dash of sacred music to create nearly 90 minutes of faithful liturgical instruction. In other words, I do my very best to pass along exactly what Holy Mother Church proposes for our belief. Nothing more. Nothing less.
The text reflects both a sincere love for the Church and a solid understanding of Scripture...
George Cardinal Pell –Archbishop of Sydney ⁄ President of Vox Clara Committee writing in his Letter of Endorsement for ‘Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II’ by Louie Verrecchio

The Preparing the Way series begins with a 42 minute pilgrimage into the sacred liturgy entitled Journey into Holy Mass where the viewer will discover the reason why a new translation is necessary, and most importantly, what the Church teaches about the essence of the sacred liturgy, as well as what “active participation” really means. You may be surprised!

This introductory video is then followed by six straightforward, easy–to–follow presentations (like the one above) explaining all of the forthcoming changes to the prayers of the people at Holy Mass in the Roman Missal – 3rd Edition. Like I said, pretty simple. So how can we help one another?

If you enjoyed the examination of the Introductory Rite and would like to access the complete series, I humbly ask that you please consider making a modest donation to my small apostolate. In return I will gladly provide you with a User Name and Password that will allow you and your family to access the complete Preparing the Way series online at www.MissalPrep.com

If DVD’s, Audio CD’s or books are more to your liking, the Preparing the Way content is available in these formats as well. In any case, please know that your kind support is sincerely appreciated.

Ad Iesum per Mariam!

Louie Verrecchio
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