What If We Just Said Pray?

The case for joyfully Preparing the Way for the Roman Missal


It is now more than forty-five years since the Second Vatican Council produced the document on the sacred liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium.   The document was approved by an overwhelming majority of the world’s bishops by a vote of 2,147 to 4.  In our wildest dreams who would have ever imagined that we would witness a systematic effort to override the faithfully modest vision of the Council’s decree?  But we have.

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What does the Council’s vision for Holy Mass actually look like?

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We are very concerned about those who are attempting to undermine the new English translation of the Roman Missal. We believe that by imposing their negative attitudes on our people - especially before a program of preparation - will have an adverse effect on our prayer and cause serious division in our communities.

We are convinced that adopting these new translations, which are highly faithful and which leaders among our bishops as well as many highly respected liturgists and linguists consider to be substantially richer than the text we’ve been praying lo these past forty years, will be a great grace.

For this reason we earnestly applaud the bishops of the English-speaking world for their contribution to the new translations and we welcome this great opportunity to grow in our awareness of Holy Mass through liturgical catechesis.

Furthermore, we hereby commit ourselves to earnest prayer for our bishops; that they may be strengthened in their ministry, as well as for the conversion of all who oppose Holy Mother Church - especially those who struggle to embrace the new English translation of the Roman Missal.

We are convinced that this approach will lift up the entire People of God who have so much to gain by the corrected translations.

We realize that the power of intercessory prayer is unlimited, as are the graces made available to those who approach the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with humility.

Ad Iesum per Mariam!


Please sign your name if and only if your are seriously committed to showing your gratitude to our bishops for the new translation, are committed to liturgical catechesis as a means of growing in your understanding and appreciation for the inestimable gift of Holy Mass, and sincerely pledge to pray earnestly for the conversion of the enemies of Holy Mother Church

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